Latin Bridge, First World War and Abe

7/September/2022 in Sarajevo

Here is where Austrian crown prince and his wife were killed in 1914

Due this assassination, the First World War started

This is called "Sarajevo Incident/サラエボ事件"

Every single Japanese school textbooks mention this event

2 months will have passed since ex-Japanese prime minister, Abe, was shot dead

When this devastating event happened in July, for a moment this "Sarajevo Incident" came across my mind

Probably because geographically I was close to Sarajevo/Bosnia..., one of the highest persons in a country was killed in a public..., English news media often used this term, "assassination"...

Sharp sadness surely faded away, but still difficult to believe

His state funeral will take place later this month in Tokyo

I wish I'll be in Tokyo that day