Naked Trees

22/January/2024 in Tokyo

1 year ago in Kyoto 

I met a foreign girl from a very cold country

Walking on the main street together

"What do you think about Japan's winter? This sunny, blue, clear sky"

I said it in the way that sounded like
showing off,
how sunny & happy & uplifting Japanese winter is,
comparing to depressing dark winter in her country in Eastern Europe

"Yes, true"

She agreed with me, politely

Yet, quickly added

"But I don't like leafless trees. It looks sad. Lots of snow in my country and the white snow decorates naked trees"

".........oh, yeah"

I agreed with her, half-heartedly 

1 year has passed

Now, I feel naked trees look sad

And now, I feel like
I can agree with her, cheerfully