'How to Die?' ― the 2nd Question

27/August/2018 in Warsaw

The first question we face in our life is "How to Live?".

Usually we face this difficult question when we are in our 10’s or 20’s.

And once this question comes up, it takes root in our head, our mind, our body, our psyche, our flesh......everywhere, until we die.

However, as our life span has been getting longer and longer, I feel that thinking about "How to Die" is equally, or even more important than "How to Live".

I feel depressed as I think that our life span is getting longer, even in this moment.

We should understand that living long is not virtue in any sense.

We are not obliged to live long.

"Try to live as long as possible" is not the only way to live for human being.

I cannot help feeling that hoping to live long is just a vulgarly greedy notion.

I wonder what those who hope to live long expect from a long life.

Can we become wiser if we live long?

Can we become more sincere if we live long?

Can we become more beautiful if we live long?

We are mortal.

Our flesh and psyche are ephemeral.

I sometimes wonder why ephemerality shines every single moments.

I sometimes wonder why transience beautifies everything so much.

To me, those who just hope to live long seem unbelievably insensitive and unreceptive to ephemerality and transience in this world.

How can we bear, tolerant and forgive our human life without this notion: "Everything comes to an end"?