Perfectionist 2

16/March/2024 in Tokyo

I already wrote my thought about "Perfectionist" last year

You can read it here

In that writing, I wrote
"Being a perfectionist is a privilege of the youth"


As we get older,
we inevitably realise that

Life is still going on
no matter how messy, how imperfect our external & internal states are

With time,
we inevitably realise that

Life is not that fragile, not that sensitive thing

Life is "too difficult to be destroyed"

Life is still going on, no matter how far it is from so-called "perfect"

Then, we inevitably realise this, only when we look back;

"I was a perfectionist, because I treated my life too preciously. I 'pedestalised' my life"

Today I was talking with someone
and this concept of "Perfectionist" came across my mind again

And I thought
one of the biggest factors of being a perfectionist would be simply
a lack of communication with other human beings

Through communications with other people,
we realise everyone has flows, damages, something unfavourable, something vulgar, something imperfect

When we are young, we are too sensitive

And it's very difficult to accept these "imperfect" elements of others

In other words, we project ourselves onto others
In other words, we can't accept others

But probably
we learn how to accept ourselves through accepting other people

Just like,
we can't get to know ourselves if we are totally alone
We need others to get to know ourselves

The same would go to acceptance

We need others to accept ourselves, too
We need others to accept one's own life, too
I need others to meet me, too