10/June/2023 in Tokyo

*Japanese ver

Being a perfectionist is a privilege of the youth

Because only immaturity & inexperience can produce a perfectionist

I used to consider myself a perfectionist
& made myself suffer

Things a perfectionist considers "perfect", or "should/should not", often align with what society considers "perfect"

Without enough experience, we have to rely on what our environment says & internalise it, and this turns young people into so-called a "perfectionist"

But as times goes & as we gain our individual perspective on life, we gradually realise the world doesn't go along with these "should/should not"

Or probably I should say like this;

As times goes, you often come across situations where you don't do "the right thing", yet your life still goes without troubles

You even notice that it actually feels more comfortable when doing things that are considered "should not"

What you come to realise here is;
there is no external objective correctness
& what feels right for you, wrong for you, as an individual

Also, just simply, you realise there is no time in life to deal with unimportant, insignificant, trivial matters for yourself

Then, you can see there are 2 types of perfectionists

― Their standard exists outside themselves. They believe what others believe. Most perfectionist belongs to this category

― Their standard exists inside themselves. They believe what they believe. Often they're called an artist, an artisan, a craftsman, or simply, anyone with one's own sense of beauty

Apparently, a perfectionist belonging to the 1st category is

A diligent student whose only strategy is "do the right thing"
A robot who doesn't think in his head
A sadist who likes torturing himself
& A boy who is still unaware of his beauty from being immature & inexperienced, an innocent ardency