Realness of the war in Ukraine

12/May/2023 in Tokyo

*Japanese ver

Had a chat with a random Japanese babushka for half an hour

I talked to her
because I noticed her having a yellow paper where some Ukrainian things were printed

She said she just attended a talk event by two Ukrainians living nearby

After our chat ended & we parted, some strange "realness" remained in my mind

And just realised this was my first encounter with a Japanese person in real who has a strong interest in this matter

Strong enough that makes him/her take some action, like going to an event

Everyone in this country knows the war is going on & they are concerned, more or less

But apparently a vast majority just watch news, feel some emotions, then go back to their normal life

Nothing more

Probably, in Japan I belong to quite a minority who has visited Ukraine

Probably, I've been engaging this matter much more than an average Japanese person

And probably, I met quite many of Ukrainian people in real, much more often than most of Japanese people

But strangely enough, this was my first encounter

Seeing other Japanese person......seeing "my people" real who pays a great attention to this subject

She asked, "Will the war happen in Japan in the near future?"

Some strange realness was there
.........Seeing how someone, who shares the exact same cultural/historical conditions with me. thinks & feels about it & paused a question in my language/Japanese