Sakura: Momentarily yet Eternally

28/March/2023 in Tokyo

A bit of an unfortunate year

Last week Sakura's full bloom was announced

Yet right after that, rain began & still continuing

Sakura. Falling quickly

........But traditionally people in Japan appreciated Sakura's falling much more than full bloom on the tree

It is a reminder of

All glories fade
Things come & go
Everything is ephemeral

yet, it doesn't mean they leave us alone

Glories, beauties, memories........
They all stay around us, eternally
& come closer to us every spring, momentarily

........Or perhaps Sakura is "a wish" rather than "a reminder"

Glories go
Beauties go
Memories go
& we're all left alone

Yet, still
Wish they will come back to us someday
Wish they will stay with us forever
Wish they will not leave us anymore

Deep down, we know everything is all ephemeral
but still can't stop wishing for........eternity