Void of being close to others

5/January/2023 in Tokyo

The below is an extract from my diary on 3 October 2017

(Transience beautifies moment & memory )

You happened to meet someone and got a very good connection, but parted without exchanging contacts

Then, memory of him/her won't be stained with a passage of time, won't be ruined by so-called "reality"

Instead, it remains flawless, it gives you a vast room where you can idealise him/her with any kind of syrupy ideals and dreams, without being interfered by "reality"

In a sense, getting to know someone/communicating with someone means destroying something precious, something beautiful

In other words, approaching "the truth" means relinquishing its beauty

The more you get to know him/her, the more you have to face something unbearable, something unacceptable, something unforgivable