True Letter


*Japanese ver

Monday night, 11:35pm

I'm writing a letter

They say;

"If you write a letter at night, you should re-read & re-write it next morning"

Because "A letter in the midnight can be too emotional and/or dogmatic"

But I wonder,
if the letter, that is re-written in the morning, is really "better" or "more right" than the one from the night

Certainly, this "re-written letter" must be less embarrassing, less cringey & more acceptable than the one from the night

More appropriate
More suitable
More correct
More proper
More decent
More right

But can we really call papers filled with these despicable self-consciousness "a letter"?

If I'm the one who receives a letter,
what I want to read is......

Not about the promise for future,
Not about the regret from the past,
Not about their ugly self-consciousness,
But only about what they were feeling at the moment of writing

A letter is a snapshot of one's emotions

It is a feeling that I can feel only now
It is an expression that I can express only now
It is the truth that I can feel only now & I can express only now

A letter must be like this

And I will never re-read this letter tomorrow morning