An Era of Emotion


Soft man, feminine man, beta man etc......, many words are made to describe men in this modern days.

Along with it, there are many explanations provided of the rise of these kinds of men.

But most of them seem out of point.

It’s mostly because they see this phenomenon only from relationship-related or dating point of view.

And that’s why they cannot stop complaining.

If they see it in a wider context, they should reach a different understanding.

Emotion-oriented trends can be found in many areas nowadays.

This period, 21st century, is an era of emotion.

We pay attention to human emotion more and more. Rise of Behavioral Economics is one of the signs.

In the previous century, it was an era of science. There were many problems we should have solved and the most usual tools were logic and rationality.

In other words, 20th century was like a "Black and White" period. We tried to classify things into black or white box.

Obviously, this simple categorisation made us collective.

However, this 21st century is ruled by different power.

We already get bored with factory-made mass products.

We seek tailor made stuff.

And being different, being individual are valued.

And in this context, emotion is a symbol of uniqueness, since emotion differs from each other.

If there are 10 people, everyone has 10 (or even much more) different emotions.

Also, emotion is a symbol of flux. There is nothing more changeable than emotion.

From Hard to Soft.

This change happened in the computer industry in 90’s (Hardware → Software).

And now, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is rising.

AI will soon exceed human’s ability of logicality and rationality.

In the rise of AI, it’s natural that we pay or we are forced to pay more attention to something human = emotion.

The number of "soft man" or "weak man" will increase, this is something nobody can stop, until people change their view and see it in a wider context.