Keeping Beauty or Destroying Beauty


Yesterday morning

In a cafe

Chatting with someone sitting next to me

Japanese uni student, 21 y.o., majored architectural designs, lived in Kyoto for 3 years, broke up with her boyfriend 2 months ago.....

During communication with a stranger
especially towards the end of it
always one question appears

"How to ask her contact?"

Shouldn't be abrupt
Should be as natural as possible 

Our chat continued for 30 min

For her, and for me, no longer felt like we were total strangers

Up until this point, asking her contact was not a big deal anymore

Her rejection was out of sight

.....but sometimes, another, rather obscure, my personal concern comes up

which is, destroying beauty

If we don't exchange contact details & keep this meeting as an one-off thing, this memory could remain beautiful

Memory of her won't be ruined by so-called "reality", or "the truth"

What I know is only what she showed during this 30 min interaction 

She showed only what she wanted to show to me

Most probably, it was, she thought, best aspects of her

And I don't have any obligations to fully know her

I don't want to know what she sees, eats, tries, thinks, or emotional struggling, from her social media

The same goes to her

She doesn't have to know me more than what I showed her during this 30 min

If it's an one-off & ephemeral event, memory about this person remains flawless, and it gives us a vast space where we can idealise this person with any kind of sugary illusions & dreams, without interfered by "reality"

We always fail to control our curiosity of knowing others

And we get to know things that we don't need to know

Getting to know others means destroying something precious

Approaching "the truth" means relinquishing/giving up its beauty

The more we get to know others, the more we have to face something unbearable, something unacceptable, something unforgivable

.....Should I choose the way to keep this moment with her as beautiful, as eternal as possible?

Or, should I choose the way to face reality and destroying this ephemeral beauty that only I can appreciate & indulge.....?

.....I noticed she turned her head to me

".....I'm thinking to go to that bar I told you earlier. Very cozy place! We can go.....if you have time tonight"