Hiroshima G7 summit

19/May/2023 in Tokyo

*Japanese ver

Watching a live broadcast from Hiroshima

where G7 summit happening & country's presidents/prime ministers paid a visit to the memorial park

Strangely enough, I found myself impressed by this ceremony

& couldn't stop myself from keep watching

One can say this is another meaningless meetings, empty agreements & hallow announcements & it's all about a political show

Could be true

But the meaning is not limited to "practical", "realistic" aspects

The meaning consists of various, complicating layers

Hiroshima is one of the most important historic locations in the country's entire history

Apparently because of the nuclear bomb

It dropped here and tens of thousands of people died & suffered from its aftereffect long after

Also it dropped here & Nagasaki, so that Japan accepted the defeat & WW2 ended

Then, 78 years later, representatives of the countries

that Japan cooperated with / Germany, Italy
that Japan fought against / US, UK, France, Canada

all came to Hiroshima & attend the ceremony together

While watching the ceremony
I couldn't stop feeling this, something symbolic, something significant, something striking

And questions about if this summit will bring any practical or realistic or effective things........all was gone out of my sight

By now, already more than enough