Love is violent

22/December/2023 in Tokyo

"Romance/Love is a school of life"

is a line from some old Japanese writer 

A romantic feeling that we have for the person we're attracted to certainly has this very "violent" aspect; 

"I want him to look at me, just me, only me" 

"I want to be together with her 24/7" 

"I want to get all attentions from him" 

"I want to make her 'mine'" 

..........Love demands everything

Being aware of this extremely irrational power in us
Being conscious of this extremely egoistic desire in us,  

And trying to struggle with oneself

Trying to convert "violence" to "un-violence"

Trying to reach the better understandings about oneself, about others, and about life

This must be the of the so many lessons....... that love romance brings us