Same Faces: pattern recognition


*Japanese ver

In Europe, sometimes I came across a very similar face

In Europe, sometimes I could recognise the patterns in local people's faces

And sometimes I thought
this is something only I, an outsider/traveler, could recognise

"Asians look the same"

People with less exposure to Asians say like this

It means they don't get used to Asian's face
Thus they can't recognise the differences

On the other hand, I/an Asian get used to other Asian's face
Thus I can distinguish one from the other

At the same time,
since I get used to their face "too much",
since I tend to pay attention to every details of their face,

it becomes harder to have a wider/higher standpoint,
and observe an entire thing,
and extract the common elements,
and recognise the patterns

Being attentive to subtle elements blurs our view for the bigger picture
& makes it hard to grasp the thing as a whole

In Tokyo, sometimes I come across European travelers

Just like everyone, I "shamelessly" believe my face is unique enough and no one on the earth has the same, even similar, face as mine

But, perhaps some of these European tourists would talk behind me, as in

"......Did you see his face? I saw the very similar face yesterday in Kyoto.....How come is he in Tokyo now? Japanese man is so creepy.......🥰 "