15/May/2023 in Tokyo

*Japanese ver

Tokyo, rainy morning

I am certain Tokyo is the reason

Prime reason for an increase of my distorted notions about people in this country

I've been in Japan since last December

Staying here too long. This must be also reason

But living in Tokyo itself must make it worse

Japan is a very centralised country
& everything is too much gathered in Tokyo

Japanese in Tokyo are those
who pay an attention to others the most
who avoid others the most
who are afraid of an interaction the most
& who pretend the most

Excessive advertisement
Excessive politeness
Excessive expectation
Excessive noise
Excessive consideration
Excessive service
Excessive colours
Excessive technology
Excessive information
Excessive loneliness

......all is gathered & condensed in Tokyo

......though I don't think I can live in the countryside

I'm too familiar with this inhuman environment & inhuman humans, and I'm one of them