We Live in the Middle of a Transition


We tend to think that our parent or people in the past had more stable, more mature, more clear attitude and view towards their own life & the world.

Especially, for those who live in this modern days where tradition and religion lose its power, values are diversified, opportunities where we can get to know different lives increase through the internet.

But the truth is, whenever we live, wherever we are, more or less all of us feel we live in the middle of changes and a transition.

No matter which period we live in, the present always seems transient and ephemeral.

"The past" is that already happened, so it’s natural that seems clearer and fixed.

"The future" is things that has not yet happened, so it’s also natural that seems unclear and unfixed.

But, when it comes to "the present", we had a difficulty in holding such a distant attitude and cannot tolerate these unclearness and unpredictability.

We start to feel uncomfortableness.

We start to think that we are in the middle of a transition.

And we start to beautify the past.

This can apply to our individual life.

This present moment of our lives seems unstable and unreliable.

We are not sure if we are on the right track or not.

On the other hand, "the me I used to be" seems, at least, more organised and fixed than "the me I am right now".

To sum up, in which period or era we live, wherever we are, everyone are scared with uncertain and unstable reality in front of us and it’s a typical misunderstanding to think or to ideliase that people in the past had more stable view and simpler mindset, and it’s a mere illusion and a banal idealisation that there are people somewhere in the world or in the history who have crystal-clear vision and sight towards their life and the world.