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Reaching the truth of life: Tanizaki & Mishima


Mishima: Rejecting life. Tanizaki: Accepting life

Something I've wanted to write about


Everyone falls into speechless for a moment, when they know about a life of Mishima

Macho Sentences


I occasionally feel 'thirst' for his muscle-like sentences

Reading 'I was a girlfriend of Morita Masakatsu'


It's a story about a woman who could meet a man that she can't forget forever

99th Birthday & Suicide may be selfish


If Mishima Yukio was still alive, he would be 99 years old today

Kyoko's House


Kyoko's House is probably the most unfortunate novel in Mishima's career

Innocent Ardency + Excellence = Beauty


Accept only things that I find 'beautiful' & reject everything that I find 'ugly'

Mishima's calligraphy


Mishima visited & stayed in Sai shrine in Nara in 1966 to do research for one of his last novels

Mishima & Tanizaki


I've liked Mishima for a really long time, but always sensed something morbid around what he wrote

Will & Effort for Observers


I have no interest in Mishima, but just curious why he could have such a strong will power?

A man of innocence


If you're not that innocent, you can't commit suicide

Silent Jealousy with Mishima


A bookshop is one of places I go right after coming back to Japan from abroad

To live sincerely always ends up in suicide


The more I get to know Mishima and his life, the more I become certain 'To live sincerely' always ends up in suicide

Memory Fades Away


52 years ago today Yukio Mishima died It was sunny Wednesday noon in 1970 and it quickly became nationwide news

Mishima Yukio in Serbia


Yukio Mishima, a most acclaimed Japanese writer His last work consists of 4 novels Even in Japan, I've never seen these 4 books are bundled and sold like this

Dazai Osamu in Serbia


In Serbia I see this Dazai's book in most of bookshops Looks like it's translated into Serbian recently It's kinda interesting because Dazai was never recognised by the oversea readers

Becoming Beautiful Oneself


I saw that beauty and ethics are one and the same

Free From the Era


Last night I was remembering friend’s sayings about Murakami and Mishima

Uncontrollable Nature of Life : Reading 'The Temple of Dawn'


Today I started to read Mishima’s 'The Temple of Dawn'

A Note from Summer


Every single moments were as beautiful as my memories, as beautiful as she was, as beautiful as......