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102 years war: Japan & Montenegro


Some strange relations between Japan & Montenegro

Abe: Losing a part of my life


Once the name of Abe was heard, sharp vivid pain was momentarily passing by

World War II & Summer


I always have almost an emotional conviction that everything of WW2 was happening during summer

Hiroshima G7 summit


Watching a live broadcast from Hiroshima where G7 summit happening

Japan's history makes me dizzy


These days I was often reading books about Japan's Heian period (8 - 12th Century)

Abe's place


Visiting this place was actually one of the main reasons why I went to Nara

Unity & Individuality


Nara's traditional houses often have wooden vertical grid

Names contain more history


Like Kyoto, many old names remain in Nara as a district name

Countries On One Continent


Before coming to Tbilisi, I was in Georgia's 3rd city, Kutaisi, a very small town, for 3 days and saw a monument It said the Polish president during WW2, called Władysław Raczkiewicz, was born in this town

Abe and Me


More than 4 months passed since his death, but I still think about Abe

Polish people and history


Walking on the street called Filtrowa Nothing special. Just a 1 kilo metre long street in Stara Ochota district in Warsaw

Warsaw and Tokyo


Warsaw and Tokyo My first visit to Warsaw was June in 2014 And from the very beginning, my impression about this city hasn't changed at all

Bosnia, Drama, Perspective


We can easily find 'a drama' in Sarajevo, with a small amount of knowledge that an elementary school history textbook tells us

Scars on the City, Sarajevo


There is a big cemetery on the way to Yellow Bastion from Sebili It caught my attention because it looked very unusual Very unusual that such a big cemetery exists just 3min away from city's most popular touristic spot

Latin Bridge, First World War and Abe


Here is where Austrian crown prince and his wife were killed in 1914

Bosnia and Ukraine ― Scars of memory


When seeing the Bosnian flag for the first time, I thought about Ukrainian flag Just because, this blue & yellow color combination Such a petty resemblance In my original plan, Bosnia was not on the list

My Thoughts about Shinzo Abe 3


Watching the scene of ex-prime minister Abe's private funeral So many were gathering in the temple in the central Tokyo and so many shouted their thank you & gratitude to Abe

My Thoughts about Shinzo Abe 2


It's been quite surprising for me after I wrote about Japan's ex-prime minister Abe last Friday 

My Thoughts about Shinzo Abe 1


I got lots of DMs about Abe, like 'News about him keeps showing up' 'Who is he? Is he a good guy?' 'Very unusual to hear gun incident in Japan' etc.

Abe and Lukashenko


Japan's Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, announced his resignation on 28th, August. This was very shocking news for me. Some sort

An Era of Emotion


Soft man, feminine man, beta man etc......, many words are

Free From the Era


Last night I was remembering friend’s sayings about Murakami and Mishima

We Live in the Middle of a Transition


We tend to think that our parent or people in the past had more stable