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I am nameless


I am nameless, but...

November: most depressing month


Memories from nice beautiful autumn are still fresh, yet not ready

University Began


They knew loneliness is not something they have to avoid. Rather it's comfortable, even friendly

Most Vulnerable Moment


Any thoughts, any emotions, any memories can invade into our mind, yet we can't resist it at all

A middle-aged man has to be fat


Excessive self-consciousness & sensitivity are suitable only for a young person

Our Perception


A coffee served by a nice cafe staff. We have a good impression about this cafe Strange

Japanese Apology


Unbearable mental weakness of being submissive spontaneously & avoiding all potential conflict by an apology first

Traveling with a book


I always find hard to read it while traveling

Why are the Japanese so bad at English pronunciation?


The reason is not Japanese has simpler sounds, but something coming from Japanese morbid mindset

Attractive Names


The Tale of Genji's chapter titles all sound attractive

Visited the countryside & felt guilty


Visited grandparent's place last month

A book about a man who got into cosmetics


I was thinking women use cosmetics only for getting attention. Cosmetics are only about facial beauty

'Thinking' means 'Looking for words'


Something appears in me Something I want to write about Then, which language to use for this?

Letter and Scent


This close attention to details, this sensitivity, is something the Japanese in 21th century lost

Question on Literature Studies


But at some point, I started to feel something unbearable in these literature studies

Difficulty in a long novel


Feels like I want to celebrate that today I could finally finish reading this extremely long 11th century novel

Haiku poets in Russia


Came across an interesting book. A collection of Haiku(Japanese style poem) written by 8 Russian ordinary citizens

42nd Chapter: The Tale of Genji


More than 1 month has passed since I started The Tale of Genji, the oldest novel

Short stay in Nara


My stay in Nara was quite short

Names contain more history


Like Kyoto, many old names remain in Nara as a district name

White Russians


Quite struggling yet still reading The Tale of Genji translated by Tanizaki



Waiting as always at Starbucks in the central Tokyo at 21:30 Full of young people, around 15 - 20 y.o.

Reading Abe's memoir


While talking, something unexpected comes out of our mouth

Unexpected things come out of our mouth


While talking, something unexpected comes out of our mouth



Towards the end of February, always some reluctant feeling is built up in me

Books to read after travel


An autobiography by an infamous Italian seducer from 18th Century

Silence in the conversation


I prefer to have a silence in conversation now

An Outsider Japan


When exchanging words with local person in Kyoto, in a restaurants/cafes/shops/street, I often feel some slight embarrassment

Loneliness Foreigners Japan


Over the past several years, foreigners in Japan always catch my eye

Foreigners in Kyoto


One of the things I found nice in Kyoto is Faces I pass on the street are diverse Languages I hear on the street are diverse

Self Love


When I go to other country, I always think what a horrible place Japan is

Kyiv―Yoshiko Sai―Etsuko Takano―Kyoto


During my 1st visit to Kyiv, I often listened to 1976-released-album by Yoshiko Sai

'An Origin of 20 Years Old' by Etsuko Takano


Past few days, reading a diary written by a Japanese girl Published in 1971 & became popular among the young

Why difficult to enjoy translated books?


There are 2 reasons here

Too many hopes on youth's shoulder


Today is national holiday in Japan A day of celebrating people who have turned 20 y.o. and welcome them into adulthood

Easy to be happy


Easiest way to be happy

Moment & Emotion


The below is an extract from my diary in March 2017

Cute skinny feminine Korean boys


This summer in Sarajevo in Bosnia, I came across this street concert

About 2022


This year will soon come to an end

Tanizaki and Lust


So far I often mentioned Mishima here, so that I always missed an opportunity to touch another writer, Tanizaki, Will write a bit about him

Countries On One Continent


Before coming to Tbilisi, I was in Georgia's 3rd city, Kutaisi, a very small town, for 3 days and saw a monument It said the Polish president during WW2, called Władysław Raczkiewicz, was born in this town

Things I dislike in Tbilisi, Georgia


What I've been annoyed in Georgia is stray dogs and Georgian men

Desire for Eternity


One of motive for creation is desire for eternity, ecstacy for eternity

Bosnia, Drama, Perspective


We can easily find 'a drama' in Sarajevo, with a small amount of knowledge that an elementary school history textbook tells us

Queen's death and Me


Yesterday was a bit strange day My 2nd book was based on my experiences in London where I lived for 2 years I needed to finish it by 8/Sep, because this day 10 years ago, 8/Sep/2012, was the day I left Japan for the UK and my London life began

Scars on the City, Sarajevo


There is a big cemetery on the way to Yellow Bastion from Sebili It caught my attention because it looked very unusual Very unusual that such a big cemetery exists just 3min away from city's most popular touristic spot

Latin Bridge, First World War and Abe


Here is where Austrian crown prince and his wife were killed in 1914

Bosnia and Ukraine ― Scars of memory


When seeing the Bosnian flag for the first time, I thought about Ukrainian flag Just because, this blue & yellow color combination Such a petty resemblance In my original plan, Bosnia was not on the list

Mountains in Bosnia


What I'm pleased in Bosnia is being able to see mountains Mountain is always tightly related to my memory of Japan because mountains can be seen almost everywhere there

My Thoughts about Shinzo Abe 3


Watching the scene of ex-prime minister Abe's private funeral So many were gathering in the temple in the central Tokyo and so many shouted their thank you & gratitude to Abe

My Thoughts about Shinzo Abe 2


It's been quite surprising for me after I wrote about Japan's ex-prime minister Abe last Friday 

My Thoughts about Shinzo Abe 1


I got lots of DMs about Abe, like 'News about him keeps showing up' 'Who is he? Is he a good guy?' 'Very unusual to hear gun incident in Japan' etc.

An Era of Emotion


Soft man, feminine man, beta man etc......, many words are

Uncontrollable Nature of Life : Reading 'The Temple of Dawn'


Today I started to read Mishima’s 'The Temple of Dawn'

We Live in the Middle of a Transition


We tend to think that our parent or people in the past had more stable

'How to Die?' ― the 2nd Question


The first question we face in our life is How to Live?

A Note from Summer


Every single moments were as beautiful as my memories, as beautiful as she was, as beautiful as......