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Photography I did a few years ago


To extract beauty from reality & to compose another beauty

Meeting is not enough


Writing for finding beauty

Complicated Relationship with My Language


My relationship with Japanese language is very distorted

Japanese is not a speaking-oriented language


Japanese always cut off a sentence & always put a pause between each clauses

Japanese has to be spoken timidly


If it's spoken confidently, like we speak English, it just doesn't sound like Japanese

Objectivity & Subjectivity(part 1)


Sometimes take a look at books about Japanese grammar

'Thinking' means 'Looking for words'


Something appears in me Something I want to write about Then, which language to use for this?

My Avoidant Attachment Style with Japanese Language


Over the past decade, when I was abroad, I desperately avoided Japanese people

Nothing but an impulse


In a bookshop Saw a new book by Kayoko Yamasaki She is a Japanese poet & professor at the University of Belgrade

Unhappy in my life, but Fruitful in my diary


Going through lots of emotional roller-coasters in 2017

Transience Beautifies Every Single Moment


Without death, how can we try to live for this moment as much as we can?

Ephemerality of Relationships


The more I meet people, the more I feel how ephemeral & fragile relationships are

Dealing with emotions with words


Haven't made much progress these days Writing is such a rational activity

Avoid external things but juicy part


These information is very important to draw the whole story we want to share, but it is not the most juicy part

Easy to be happy


Easiest way to be happy

Void of being close to others


You happen to meet someone and get a very good connection, but parted without exchanging contacts

Emotions Can't Be Summarised


In a store, I always see books showing summary of famous world literatures

Most important thing to write down


what are you writing in your diary everyday? This is the question I often get asked and I always answer, slightly hesitantly

Unhappiness Tells More


Being happy is the most insensitive state of mind

Memory of 'Living in a moment'


In the New Year, what we shouldn't do the most is probably reading an old diary

I still remember?


Reading tons of memos I wrote in 2015 - 2017 while living in Amsterdam I always think I have a quite good memory and don't forget a person I go out with